Green Violinist

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Back in 2003… September the first… after weeks of despair and personal depression, Vincent finds himself being at a dead end… the question he asks was how to transform life from a moment of "reaction" to a glorious moment of "creation"?

Sitting perfectly alone, profoundly submerged into his thoughts, he was suddenly surrounded by a huge feeling of being "PerFectly Present" during the wonderfull Silver Mount Zion's "13 angels standing guard 'round the side of your bed" was playing… … Mystical!
…it was then that the portrait of Marc Chagall's Green Violinist bought a few days before at Guggenheim's Museum at Bilbao began to wake up… and he saw him really come to life…
The combination of one of the most beautiful piece of music ever written mixed with that great canvas and exhaustion caused by stress & sadness truely CREATES a moment of pure delight… an intense feeling of being ALIVE!

That was the day Vincent decides to call his main musical project "the Green Violinist"…

… a few years have passed… situation has changed… "Sioban" (his former band) don't give him joy anymore & the feeling of being understood & supported by his old musical friends is disappearing little by little… the Sioban family don't stood by each other anymore… the end of a dream…

"This is the right time to come back to that tremendously good intuition felt many years ago" he thought… and he gave physical birth to the Green Violinist…

It's free to be himself and with a few songs taken from a Sioban Demo that Vincent began to work…
quickly followed by Sioban bassist and sound magician Régis Planque and his alter ego, drummer and rythmic wizard Gabriel Peeters…

The triumvirate was also helped by accordionist Emilie laclais (backing vocals), Raphael Bresler and the amazing Mathieu Vandermolen (electric guitars)

Songs were put together during several months, and the concept behind "More Thrill & Never ending Blessings" increased week after week to end with an album wich bears the will to give the right to speak to those who are never allowed to get a word in edgeways…  the weak ones, the scapegoats, the shy people, the gentle ones, the mourning people, the maladjusted ones, the society's rejects, the desperate lovers… every song is an hymn to those pariahs and are dedicated to us all… … Receive & Transmit.

"… it is no measure of Health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society…"


tHe greEN viOLiNiSt is :

Vincent defresne : Voice, acoustic guitars & keyboards
Rex P. : Bass
Gabriel Peeters : drums, electronic drums & programming
Emilie Laclais : Backing vocals
Raphael Bresler : electric guitars
Mathieu Vandermolen : electric guitars

Several times featured by "the Choir of Puppets"

"More Thrill & Never Ending Blessings" - 7 songs to grow up